Starting Fresh

Yet another attempt to get me back to blogging about code. It’s been a while, but I have a few posts queued up, so we’ll see if I can rebuild the habit. If you’re interested in my old stuff, it’s still available at my site (although much of it has broken code blocks, etc.). Hopefully, not having to deal with running my own blog software or hosting will make it easier for me to keep it going.

I’m just getting started with Jekyll-Bootstrap and GitHub hosting, but it seems like a great balance for a hacker-blog. Lots of configurability, using git to store posts and site content, yet not requiring management of the hosting or software. It’s also where I host my code, so why not host me talking about code?

There will probably be a lot of changes coming to the layout in the near future, as I get more familiar with the tools.

Greg Pfeil 02 March 2012
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