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I am a hobbyist and professional programming language designer and compiler writer.

This blog is a blog, not a textbook or research publication. I’ll probably get things wrong a lot. Please (politely) challenge my assumptions in the comments or feel free to ask for references, but don’t blindly trust anything I’ve written here.


Response to the RIO monad
26 Feb 2020
This is a response to The RIO Monad.. It currently makes the most sense if read side-by-side with that post. pointwise What’s happening in Stack? This seems like a great description of how Stack bootstraps itself – each layer of config informing the next. But I feel like the description...
The illustrated guide to what I know.
17 May 2019
Imagine a circle that contains all the knowledge within a field: I’m interested in the field, so I’ve learned a few things: When I talk to others and share that knowledge, they assume I know other things: But they know different things than I do: And I make assumptions about...
You Already Celebrate τDay
14 Mar 2015
Today is πDay, at least according to some subset of nerdy Americans. People outside of the US may claim that 31-4 (April 31st) or 22/71 (July 22nd) is the “right” πDay. Of course, the enlightened few among us have no love for π (despite any love of pie) and instead...
Quiet Relaunch
08 Feb 2015
I haven’t updated this blog in over two years. Seems about par for the course. But – between a co-worker mentioning that he found my unpublished posts (because GitHub) more interesting than my published posts, an old friend telling me to put out a “shitty first draft”, and finally my...
Introducing Opt-Check
03 Sep 2012
I’ve been meaning to blog about the various libraries I’ve published, so I might as well start with the one I’ve published today – Opt-Check. Opt-Check was coalesced from various bits and pieces of code that help me with something I end up doing all the time: checking whether various...
Common Lisp Type Hierarchy
03 Mar 2012
I’ve updated my very old CL class hierarchy image. Of course, it shouldn’t need to be updated, since CL hasn’t been updated either, but I added all of the types, plus MOP classes, along with some (probably confusing) annotations for things that change depending on whether or not you have...
Starting Fresh
02 Mar 2012
Yet another attempt to get me back to blogging about code. It’s been a while, but I have a few posts queued up, so we’ll see if I can rebuild the habit. If you’re interested in my old stuff, it’s still available at my site (although much of it has...