Introducing Opt-Check

I’ve been meaning to blog about the various libraries I’ve published, so I might as well start with the one I’ve published today – Opt-Check.

Opt-Check was coalesced from various bits and pieces of code that help me with something I end up doing all the time: checking whether various optimization actually do any good (which can vary between CL implementations, machines, etc.).

As I started to put it together, I realized that it helped me with another problem that I’ve never had a satisfactory solution for: keeping track of what the optimized code is actually doing (since it can get complicated), and making it possible to check the optimized code results against the results of the obvious-but-slow implementation.

It’s still very much in the early stages, so I’m curious to hear what others think of it. And that includes suggestions for a better name.

Greg Pfeil 03 September 2012
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