Quiet Relaunch

I haven’t updated this blog in over two years. Seems about par for the course. But – between a co-worker mentioning that he found my unpublished posts (because GitHub) more interesting than my published posts, an old friend telling me to put out a “shitty first draft”, and finally my wife rebooting her own blog with the goal of a post a week – I’ve hit the tipping point of diving back in myself.

Odds are, there will be this post, maybe one more, and then a few more years of void. We’ll see.

One conceptual change I am making to the blog is to have a link to the history of each post. I’m adding it manually to this post for now, but I’ll modify the template to automate it in the future. This allows me to think of published posts as in-progress drafts without feeling like I’m hiding the mistakes I made along the way. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to publish sooner rather than trying to reach perfection in advance.

Ok, now time to add some real content …

Greg Pfeil 08 February 2015
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